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Stone Soup: The secret recipe for making something from nothing

July 10, 2010 No Comments

The title of this book says it all, “Stone Soup: The secret recipe for making something from nothing” – a wonderful concept and Bill Liao does it so well. Perhaps that is why he is the co-founder of Xing.

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New source for leadership information

July 9, 2010 No Comments


For students of leadership, I’ve located a good new resource.  As they say on their site “LMKnowledge, the intelligent search engine for decision makers. Are you familiar with wasting time searching for relevant business information? LMKnowledge is the new knowledge portal for first-class online resources and global business articles. It provides you with immediate access to the most relevant sources of business information.

With more than 10.000 searchable professional contributions, the Global Research Team is continuosly reviewing new, interesting sources from different business cultures to inspire, animate and confront you with new ideas.”

Check it out.


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Talent management – you get what you expect. By Andrew O'Keeffe

July 6, 2010 No Comments

Talent_ManagementFor the last 20 years I’ve watched a crop of young people identified in the late 1980s as ‘high potential leaders’ in IBM Australia develop into top business leaders. One of the crop became a global executive with Microsoft, one is currently the CEO of IBM Australia and one is the CEO of Australia’s largest telco.

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