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Firing someone – the painless process

November 22, 2008 No Comments


Does it have to be painful, for them and you?

The need to write this article came about through the recent experience of two of my friends. Both had been fired. One for supposed poor performance (although she had never been counselled and at the time was in fact on sick leave) and one because the start up facility she was employed by, suddenly closed down. Both were senior managers. Both were loyal, hardworking employees but are now very angry and taking legal action against their former employers. Why are they so angry?

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Learning to delegate – the key to time management. Who’s got the monkey now? Part Two

November 22, 2008 No Comments

Time management - monkey pt 2

Learning to Delegate – the key to time management.

How to make delegation work for you.

In my earlier article “Who’s got the monkey now? How to find out how well you manage your time” , I suggested that you may be caring for a cageful of monkeys (other people’s problems) unless your time management skills are developed – in particular your ability to delegate.

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Time management – Who’s got the monkey now? Part One

November 22, 2008 No Comments


How effective are your time management skills …

Are you a manager? Would you like more available time? Yes, then read on to find out how you can improve your time management skills . . .

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