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Bob Selden in France

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions – the secret additive

January 10, 2018 No Comments

Bob Selden

Two years ago, having reached the 70 year age mark, I decided to get fitter by doing more cycling – regularly. I mixed road riding with the home trainer, and achieved 369 days in a row! Then I encountered a slight ‘bump in the road’, being diagnosed with cancer. And that too was a positive, as because I was so physically fit by then, I was able to be treated with a much higher dose of chemo than normal, and recovered within six months.

But back to my riding how was I able to go from zero days to 369?

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Leadership Threats

How To Lead People With Threats

July 14, 2015 No Comments

Andrew O’Keeffe ©2015

With our mammalian brain our behaviour is continuously influenced by a complex interplay of chemicals. These chemicals, or neurotransmitters, are below our consciousness and are triggered by our emotional responses to events. The chemical spurts are related to our brain seeking rewards and avoiding pain.

It’s handy for leaders to know about the neuroscience of our behaviours. It adds to your toolkit of understanding and helps you make good choices in your leadership of other people, as well as self-regulation of your own behaviour.

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Firing someone – the painless process

November 22, 2012 No Comments

Does it have to be painful, for them and you?

The need to write this article came about through the recent experience of two of my friends. Both had been fired. One for supposed poor performance (although she had never been counselled and at the time was in fact on sick leave) and one because the start up facility she was employed by, suddenly closed down. Both were senior managers. Both were loyal, hardworking employees but are now very angry and taking legal action against their former employers. Why are they so angry?

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What Do We Know About Carrots? There may well be a new variety!

March 8, 2012 No Comments

When discussing motivation, the metaphor of the carrot and the stick appears to have been with us for a long time.  It’s been suggested that the carrot and stick approach was first used by peasant owners of donkeys in order to keep their animals moving.  Whenever the animal stopped, the owner used to dangle a raw carrot in front of the animal’s nose (on the end of a stick).  If the stubborn animal still refused to move, then guess what happened?  The owner hit it with the stick!

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Money, happiness and motivation

December 3, 2010 No Comments

money-and-happinessThe first thing Clive Palmer did when he bought a loss-making Australian nickel refinery in July 2009 was to raise the of pay of its employees and then ask them how to run the business. The results have been impressive – and so too Clive Palmer’s generosity in return.

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Why loyalty pays

December 2, 2008 No Comments


Loyalty is something that seems to have been lost in many modern organisations. Corporate decision-makers seem to think that paying people more will gain their loyalty. It does not. All it gains is their compliance.

Recently, Tata Motors released the revolutionary “Nano” in India, the world’s cheapest car – $2,500!

What’s that got to do with loyalty you may well ask?  Well, current CEO of Tata, Ratan Tata, aged 70 who took over the ailing company business in 1991, has a personal mantra of “loyalty”.   He is unusual for a CEO.  Tata is humble, openly admitting his mistakes and sends personal “thank you” notes to employees.  In a recent deal with terminated workers from his steel company, he agreed to pay their wages for life!

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Are your employees motivated?

November 22, 2008 No Comments


Employee feedback surveys are the key to employee motivation!

When was the last time you felt excited, motivated and extremely keen to be at work? Chances are when you had a job that really interested you, had control over what you did and how you did it, and you didn’t have any worries about “zealous boss” interference or job security. It’s a great feeling – we can all probably tell stories of when we were most “motivated” at work.

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