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There have been so many articles written on Performance Management that I decided to start a new section.  I trust you find it useful.

Olympic Gold

Winning Gold – One wonders ???

August 31, 2016 No Comments

Andrew O’Keeffe ©2016

At the Olympics, bronze medals seem to bring more joy to their recipient than do silver medals! At a rational level that doesn’t make sense, given the silver medallist beat the bronze medalist. But emotionally it’s a whole different ball game. From a psychological perspective it does make sense.

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Feedback Sandwich

Why The Feedback Sandwich Does Not Work

December 16, 2014 No Comments


Andrew O’Keeffe ©2014

The ‘feedback sandwich’ might be a good idea in theory…BUT… for humans it doesn’t work.

The sandwich refers to an approach to giving negative feedback from a manager to a staff member. The sandwich metaphor refers to the negative feedback being placed between two positives; start with a positive, go to the negative and then end with another positive.

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Pay Reviews

Your Pay Review?

December 2, 2013 No Comments

By Andrew O’Keeffe ©2013 Hardwired Humans

When is the best time of the day for your boss to review your pay; the time that gives you the most favourable outcome? As humans we pride ourselves as being rational and logical. Not so, really. Other factors come into play in how we make decisions.

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Working from home

Can you really work from anywhere?

February 19, 2013 2 Comments

Google’s Chief Financial Officer ruffled a few feathers recently when he said that he believed working from home is not the best way to generate ideas and innovation. But is he right?

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Is your performance ranked “A”, “B” or “C”?

February 14, 2010 No Comments


What has management learnt from the global economic crisis (GEC) about getting the best out of their people? Two recent examples of the way in which people’s performance is managed, suggest that the answer might be “a lot” and “not much”.

In the first case, it’s been reported that auto maker GM, the recipient of large government handouts, is actually improving its performance management system.  Under the old system, senior managers were evaluated quarterly on criteria that were spelt out in exhaustive detail.  Such reviews were many pages long – in fact they needed to be contained in a ring binder!

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