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Olympic Gold

Winning Gold – One wonders ???

August 31, 2016 No Comments

Andrew O’Keeffe ©2016

At the Olympics, bronze medals seem to bring more joy to their recipient than do silver medals! At a rational level that doesn’t make sense, given the silver medallist beat the bronze medalist. But emotionally it’s a whole different ball game. From a psychological perspective it does make sense.

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Don't: How using the right words will change your life

Don’t: How using the right words will change your life

June 19, 2016 No Comments


Why do some people seem to have all the luck? The answer is simple: people with a more positive outlook can recognise opportunities that others miss. How? By converting negativity into a powerfully positive working and personal life.

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Bob Selden’s new book ‘DON’T’ shows you how to avoid the negativity in your life and your relationships. ‘DON’T’ shows you how to filter out negative words and phrases which create both negative thinking in your brain and negative behaviour in your life. The book suggests words, phrases and actions to encourage the very opposite of negativity. You’ll soon learn how positive words can and will activate the positive parts of your mind.

Bob Selden’s ‘DON’T’’ answers the question ‘can the words we use in general conversation actually impact our relationships?’ The answer is yes, we do behave according to the words we hear and use. For example, recent studies show young male drivers increase their speed when they hear words like ‘tough’ and ‘rough’ – yet words like ‘pink’ and ‘gentle’ make them slow down. We are surrounded and misled by thousands of negative messages every day.

Using multiple how-to examples, scientific studies and stories from real-life, ‘DON’T’’ is packed with practical insights into what makes us who we are. Discover how to transform your working and personal life into positive successes which flows from a new understanding of positive action and perception.

What makes some people more successful and dynamic than others? Is it luck, upbringing, training? Or could it be something as simple and powerful as the words we use? Read Bob Selden’s new book ‘DON’T’’ and take a new path.

SWOT Yourself

Go SWOT Yourself: Taking an Objective Look at Your Leadership Style

June 19, 2016 No Comments

Many aspiring tech entrepreneurs get caught up managing their own companies and lose sight of one key fact — their most important venture is themselves. While growing the brand and objectives of the business is critical, developing your own profile and skill set as a leader is equally important. 

To Do List

3 Hiring Strategies That Can Help You Find More Qualified Candidates

June 19, 2016 No Comments

As a business owner, employees are your greatest asset. I set out to build a company that everyone wants to work for, and have personally taken ownership of our hiring process to make it happen.

Rapid Teamwork

Rapid Teamwork

June 19, 2016 No Comments
Rapid Teamwork

Rapid Teamwork

This is a GREAT book on teamwork and leadership.  In fact as a reviewer of over 100 books on this topic, this is one of the best I’ve read in a long time.

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Matrix Structures are unnatural – so why persist?

April 4, 2016 No Comments

Andrew O’Keeffe ©2016

When we point to a common workplace frustration we are probably pointing to a behaviour explained by human instincts. In organisations that have a matrix reporting structure, people generally experience frustration with the system. Human instincts helps to explain the issue and to identify solutions.

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What are the attributes of a good leader?

March 2, 2016 No Comments

Andrew O’Keeffe ©2016

The Maasai culture in East Africa has endured for centuries. What are the key elements of their approach to leadership and what can workplace leaders learn from their approach?

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Introducing ...

3 Quick Ways to Become More Interesting and Unforgettable

February 12, 2016 No Comments

it’s sad and ironic that when asked, “What does your company do?” most people blurt out a dull fact like, “We make widgets.” Or, if they work in marketing, they might tart it up like so: “We’re the industry-leading maker of state-of-the-art widgets.”

Boring. So boring.

How can you not only make your company interesting, how can you easily turn whatever you or your company does into a story that people will remember for years. Here’s how …

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Lead with a story

Lead With A Story

February 9, 2016 No Comments

As I read this book, it put me in mind of so many stories I’ve heard and experienced in my own management career. In short, I was hooked with the stories penned by Paul Smith, which led me to think about my own stories. It also started me thinking about how I could use more stories in my own work. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

In “Lead With a Story”, Smith sets out with the aim of having the reader “start crafting, collecting, and telling stories today”. All the stories are about particular aspects of leadership and how stories can assist the manager navigate successfully through various leadership challenges.

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Leadership and perspective

Power and Perspective – What’s Yours?

February 3, 2016 No Comments

Andrew O’Keeffe ©2016

As we rise to more powerful roles there are a number of blind spots that come with that acquisition of power. If we know the blind spots we can choose to avoid them and be more effective as leaders.    How might this relate to leaders?

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