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Author: Bob Selden

Do you know if and when your employees are motivated?

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What to do when you become the bossBob Selden, author of best selling book “What to do when you become the boss”


Hear Bob being interviewed about his book.


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National Learning Institute Workshop

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Workshops from the National Learning Institute . . .

We are constantly designing and delivering workshops for corporate clients such as Ausgrid, Marsh Insurance and Rocla.  Our principals and colleagues also facilitate public workshops for organisations such as the Australian Institute of Management.

Below are some of the upcoming events provided by the National Learning Institute

What To Do When You Become The Boss – Training Series

“What To Do When You Become The Boss Training is a series of learning and development opportunities for new managers.  Based on Bob Selden’s international best-selling book of the same name, the core is a two-day workshop facilitated by Bob Selden and Philip Pryor.

However, the “What To Do When You Become The Boss Training series is more than just attending one workshop – it involves the participant’s manager, team and other stakeholders to ensure the new manager gets off to a positive start and maintains effectiveness over the longer term.  Depending on each new manager’s (and his/her manager’s) needs, the series can include coaching, shadowing, online support, small group coaching, a new Smart Phone apps, further specialist modules and a six month ½ Day Refresher Workshop.

Whilst the series is generally run with managers from different organisations participating, it can also be facilitated in-house.  There’s even a process for larger organisations to use their own L&D people to facilitate and manage the entire learning process.


When and Where?


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Philip Pryor

September 24, 2009 1 Comment


Philip Pryor – Morphthink Pty Ltd

Specialising in . . .

  • resolving difficult internal and external negotiations
  • senior executive coaching
  • leadership and management development

Philip Pryor is a very creative training facilitator and coach.  As Principal of Morphthink Pty Ltd, Philip Pryor works with executives designing and implementing real-time change initiatives and strategies that provide practical outcomes, usually with extremely high ROI.

Over recent years, Philip has undertaken extensive work with family businesses in Australia and is a preferred facilitator with Family Business Australia.

Read more about Philip Pryor’s skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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Rodney Gray

November 24, 2008 No Comments

rodney gray

Rodney Gray – Employee Communications & Surveys Pty Ltd

Specialising in . . .

  • Employee communication audits and research
  • Employee communication systems and strategies
  • Employee communication training workshops, talks
  • Employee surveys: opinion, climate, culture, values
  • Qualitative organisational diagnosis, focus groups
  • Internal service quality assessment, diagnosis

Rodney Gray is principal consultant and managing director of Employee Communication & Surveys Pty Ltd, a “boutique” consultancy specialising in employee communication audits and research; internal communication processes, systems and strategies; and workshops for internal communication specialists.

Read more about Rodney Gray’s skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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Stucki Leadership-Teambuilding AG

Leadership is not teachable but learnable
Stucki has been conducting leadership and team-building seminars since 1984. Before that, founder Robert Stucki, an engineer by training, headed specialist teams as a corporate executive. A mountain guide in his spare time, he also had the chance to lead crack teams under extreme conditions. In doing so, he observed striking differences in team dynamics in terms of full use of potential, enthusiasm for the task at hand, and mutual acceptance and support of another.
These observations coupled with his awareness of the crucial importance of social competence for executives led him to develop leadership seminars that both demand and encourage an equal use of muscle, heart, and mind.

Read more about Stucki’s expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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Are your employees motivated and performing at their best?  Go to a CHECKpoint™ to find out!

“What’s working for us?”

It is disappointing but true: an organisation cannot conduct a major survey often enough to stay ahead of important feedback and subtle but critical organisational changes.

Because it only takes an employee 10 minutes to complete, your client organisation can conduct the employee feedback survey CHECKpoint™ every six months to keep abreast of changes in staff morale and motivation and make the necessary adjustments quickly.

The report recommends suggested action to take in light of the results with practical tips on how to go about these recommendations.

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Leadership Benchmark™

November 22, 2008 No Comments

Are leaders different from ordinary managers?  Find out through the Leadership Benchmark™

Who will people follow?

Leaders exhibit marked differences in individual traits, habits, competencies, styles, values and skills. Yet leaders have one thing in common, they achieve results and create conditions that encourage others to follow.

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Leader Manager Profile™

November 22, 2008 No Comments

Improve managerial effectiveness with the Leader Manager Profile™

“Used exclusively by the Australian Graduate School of Management on their Executive Programs for Middle Managers”

The performance of one group, the management team – is particularly critical to the success of any organisation. To improve performance managers need to know:

  • What’s my current level of performance (as seen by others)?
  • What do I need to keep doing?
  • What (if anything) do I need to change?
  • How do I ensure consistency of performance over time?

The Leader Manager Profile™ is a 360° feedback profile that has been developed with organisations over a 10 year period to provide an effective benchmarking and development tool for managerial development.

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The Negotiating Advantage™

November 22, 2008 No Comments

How can you get the best deal for you and your clients?

Often people ask: How can we get a better deal here? Too often, negotiation is considered to be a formal process carried out behind closed doors by high powered executives, politicians or world leaders. But negotiation occurs in every business, every day – and usually by every member of staff.

When the everyday situations that the organisation faces aren’t recognized as negotiations, chances are, the people involved will go into them unprepared. The result will be a less than successful outcome.

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