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Author: Bob Selden

Andrew O’Keeffe

March 24, 2008 No Comments


Andrew O’Keeffe – Hardwired Humans

Specialising in . . .

  • leadership development and coaching
  • developing future leaders
  • implementing change
  • developing client consulting skills
  • enhancing the skills of the HR team

Hardwired Humans, specialises in designing people strategies aligned to human instincts.

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Paul Vanderbroeck

January 24, 2008 No Comments

paul vanderbroek

Paul Vanderbroeck – PVDB Consulting

Specialising in . . .

  • intercultural integration
  • making female executives successful
  • high performance
  • career transformation
  • change

Paul Vanderbroeck is a specialist leadership coach for individual executives and management teams. He has a particular interest in how leaders and organisations interact most effectively, so that leaders get the results they want. He specialises in Intercultural Integration, making Female Executives successful, High Performance, Career Transformation, and Change.

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David Bain

December 17, 2007 No Comments


David Bain – Purple Internet Marketing

David Bain specialises in…

  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Internet marketing consultancy
  • Internet marketing services

David Bain is an internet marketing strategist for marketing managers in a corporate environment as well as for entrepreneurial small business owners. David Bain has devised a training program called the “26-Week Internet Marketing Plan” and written a free-to-download eBook called the “13 Pillars of Internet Marketing“.

Read more about David Bain’s skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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