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You’ve just been snubbed . . . What now?

April 16, 2013 1 Comment

We all have those moments or occasions when we feel “down”.  How do we get out of these troughs and get back on track again?  Here’s some quick advice on how to work in the three key areas – mind, body and emotion.

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You’re never too old to be a Role Model. By Peter Nicholls.

October 27, 2010 No Comments


Like many consultants and other people who work from home, I spend a lot of my time working in coffee shops. The buzz of such places seems to spur my creative juices. Often it’s a case of the greater the chatter level, the better I work.

One of my favourite coffee haunts is attached to the local Council’s library. A large, diverse and relatively new library, it attracts people of all ages and interests. Busy, thinking people – students, retired persons, families, computer-literates, business people (like me), male and female, some at times struggling with mental or physical disabilities. It’s a vibrant atmosphere at any time of the day.

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How to make yourself recession-proof

January 15, 2009 No Comments


Job security is uppermost in many people’s minds right now.  How do you make sure your job is secure?  Perhaps there are no foolproof ways, but there are some safeguards you can take.

I spoke to a friend the other day who said she was worried about her job security.  Her company’s performance over the last twelve months had not been too good and now, with the economic downturn, she was worried that there might be lay-offs.

What can you do in times like these if you have similar fears?

Well, there are some things that are within your control, and others that you may just have to manage.

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Building relationships – how to increase your power and influence

December 2, 2008 No Comments


A guide to building relationships to increase your power and influence

New managers, when building relationships and networks, often make the mistake of first looking upwards to their senior managers.  Often it is the people that you least expect to be of help that provide you with the introduction or direction that you need.
When I first started consulting, one of my business partners said to me “Bob, you know so many people in the industry and you are known to so many people, your people resources are so valuable to our business.”  I hadn’t thought of it that way before, I was not specifically setting out to be building relationships.  I’d merely been interested in making as many contacts as I possibly could so that I could build my knowledge of the industry and at the same time, help others.

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How busy are you?

November 22, 2008 No Comments


A great tip for effective time management!

You receive a phone call from the CEO who asks whether you’d be interested in taking on a special assignment. In this assignment you would report directly to the CEO and participate in making some of the important strategic decisions facing the company. This assignment would provide you personally with major growth and career opportunities. The offer has only one catch; because the assignment is only part time requiring about one day per week, you would have to do your present job in the remaining four days. Would you take the assignment?

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So, you want to be a consultant!

November 22, 2008 No Comments


Four steps to take on the pathway to success …

During my career as a manager and since I myself became a consultant in 1987, I have had many colleagues and acquaintances move into the consultancy profession. Sometimes this move was by choice as a genuine career move.

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Do you have a positive or negative outlook?

November 22, 2008 1 Comment


Do you have a positive or negative outlook?

  • Does your behaviour impact those around you?
  • Can you change it?

Some years ago, I read a report by Spiro Zavos in the sports columns of my SMH newspaper, which described the behaviour of a football coach during a very tense finals game. The antics of the losing coach gave a very good insight into why his team did not win and in fact loses many close games. It all comes down to a positive or negative outlook.

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