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Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling

August 11, 2012 No Comments

Lawley and Tompkins set out to analyse, then chronicle the therapeutic approaches and methods of David J. Grove, creator of Clean Language. Clean language is a simple method of having the client amplify the metaphors they often use when describing a traumatic experience. The key to Clean Language is to use the client’s exact words without inference in a structured process that enables the client to self discover the cause of their problem.

Through a process of observing Grove, analysing client transcripts, being clients of Grove’s themselves, and finally binging their own expertise and experience to bear, they have developed a process described as Symbolic Modelling.

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The Coaches Coach reviewed by Bob Selden

The Coach’s Coach: Personal development for personal developers, by Alison Hardingham

November 24, 2009 No Comments

The Coach’s Coach is a book for professional coaches. The authors set out to achieve two aims – firstly to help coaches coach better and secondly to help people find more and better coaching for themselves. The first goal is highly relevant and achievable. The second is more problematic.

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Clean Language reviewed by Bob Selden

Clean Language – Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds

January 22, 2009 No Comments

“Clean” language, developed originally by David Grove, has been an interest of mine since I read “Metaphors in Mind” (Lawley and Tomkins). So, I was very interested to see the approach taken by Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees. I’m impressed by this book’s, simplicity and practicality. For the uninitiated or novice “clean” user, this book has some great application strategies, techniques and tips.

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