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Winning Consultancy Business

February 11, 2011 No Comments

Pope has written a book aimed at helping consultants get work, be they individual operators or working in a large firm. A short book of 96 pages, it can be read fairly quickly, but is really more of a checklist for when you need to get things done.

Consisting of 22 short chapters, the book covers all the bases a consultant would need to cover to ensure a thriving practice. Chapters range from identifying the type of consultant you are, to managing your marketing and sales. I found the list of topics covered was comprehensive.

Chapters all have a number of “must do’s”. They also pose many questions that consultants should consider if looking at a particular topic. I would have liked to have seen more examples of what the “must do’s” look like in practise. I’d also like to have seen more direction on how to obtain the information required to answer some of the questions or follow some of the steps. For example, in the chapter on “Matching your solution to the client’s problem” one step is “Test analysis of issues, diagnosis of problem” to which the check is “Restate and present. Check if correct”. What are some of the different ways one could restate and present? More examples would be very useful, particularly for the new consultant.

If you are a consultant or “would-be” consultant looking for an excellent checklist of what to do, then “Winning Consultancy Business”, could be a very useful resource. If you want more “How to”, you may have to look elsewhere.

Bob Selden, author What To Do When You Become The Boss: How new managers become successful managers

Sell Your Book On Amazon

November 24, 2008 No Comments

“Sell Your Book On Amazon” by Brent Sampson is a great “how to” book – in this case, “How to Sell Your Book On Amazon”. The author builds the book around a ranking system of stars – ranging from 5 (highly recommended” to 1 (to be avoided except in unusual circumstances).

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