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November 22, 2008 Products, Resources No Comments

Are your employees motivated and performing at their best?  Go to a CHECKpoint™ to find out!

“What’s working for us?”

It is disappointing but true: an organisation cannot conduct a major survey often enough to stay ahead of important feedback and subtle but critical organisational changes.

Because it only takes an employee 10 minutes to complete, your client organisation can conduct the employee feedback survey CHECKpoint™ every six months to keep abreast of changes in staff morale and motivation and make the necessary adjustments quickly.

The report recommends suggested action to take in light of the results with practical tips on how to go about these recommendations.

Product Summary . . .

checkpointdiagramCHECKpoint™ is an internet based employee feedback survey that provides a pulse reading of an organisation’s health in four critical areas.

  • Motivating factors
    How does the organisation provide people with real motivation at work?
  • Satisfying factors
    What keeps people satisfied at work?
  • Leadership
    What is the quality of direction, leadership and “sense of team” in the organisation?
  • Customer focus
    How well does the organisation service and reach customers? (internal and external)?

CHECKpoint™ . . .

  • Allows the organisation’s “pulse” to be taken regularly
  • Provides the organisation with strategies for maintaining the “highs” and addressing the “lows”
  • Regularly allows staff input to the organisation’s leadership
  • Provides meaningful focus and data to support the organisation’s people management practices and policies

Special features of CHECKpoint™ . . .

  • Completed online in less than 10 minutes
  • Automatically generated report that provides recommendations as well as analysis
  • Numerical data is backed by extensive qualitative comments
  • Speaks in language that the client organisation can understand with practical, people oriented recommendations

See a sample report by clicking here

Benefits for your client . . .

  • Quick, easy and cheap to conduct which means it can be undertaken regularly
  • The report provides specific recommendations that relate to the results. When implemented, they provide staff with confidence in management

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