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Copyright Law for Writers, Editors and Publishers

August 7, 2012 Book Reviews, For Authors, Top Rated No Comments
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When I first opened my package to find “Copyright Law for Writers, Editors and Publishers”, I thought “Oh, no, how am I going to get through this?” However, when Gillian Davies suggested I go straight to the Confetti Records case in Chapter 14 for entertainment, I knew this book was going to be interesting and enjoyable. Enjoyable? I can see the author’s wry smile and others frowning as they try to reconcile “enjoyable” with “Copyright Law”.

With non-fiction books, one of the first things I look for is the author’s intent. My apprehensions were eased with comments such as “Unless you are already an expert do not expect to understand this” and “Allow the warm glow of copyright logic to flow over you”.

The book is well written. Simply put, it is put simply. Side bars signpost each topic and regular “Information Banks” suggest further reading. The extensive range of topics, including “Going to Law” and “Maximising Profits” are highlighted with interesting cases. There’s also a good table that summarises the types of work that are covered by copyright.

Anyone, who can turn Copyright Law into an interesting read, deserves the highest praise. An essential read for all authors.


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