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GRASP – The Solution

August 11, 2012 Book Reviews, Creativity No Comments
Bob’s Rating
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This book is beautifully presented – quality printing and binding with colour images and highlights throughout. It’s one of the best produced books I’ve seen. This plus the interesting topic headings sparked my anticipation.

Unfortunately, I soon became disappointed. Although there are many good concepts and the GRASP model is excellent, the telling of the story did not live up to the promise. For example, paragraphs are often long with wordy and repetitive explanations of concepts. Real world applications and examples were too infrequent for me. The overuse of quotes from famous people and authors, rather than elucidating became annoying.

Given the authors’ background in Mind Mapping, it wasn’t surprising to see these (in colour) liberally sprinkled throughout. Mind Maps are most effective when developed by oneself or as part of a group. As a method of engaging the reader, perhaps asking us to draw a Mind Map, rather than presenting one for chapter summaries, would have been a better illustration of thinking processes.

That said, Authors Griffiths and Costi present a model of thinking that will be of use to everyone who is looking for solutions to both day-to-day issues or challenges or who may need to develop long term business strategies. Their treatment of concepts such as brainstorming demonstrates how this can be improved by both individuals and groups. “Reframing” and “Metaphoric Stimulation” are too further thinking strategies that are well worth reading about.

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