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How Can You Improve Workplace Productivity?

January 30, 2013 Bob's Blog, MyBlog 1 Comment
How to improve workplace productivity

How productive is your organisation?  A useful way to explore how productivity can be improved in an organisation is to ask managers to examine four primary areas. These are:

  • Clarity of the task – Make sure you are spending time clarifying expectations of priorities and task delivery.
  • Determine helpful tools – Select useful tools to help productivity.
  • Motivation – Explore whether there is sufficient autonomy, accountability and fairness for people to enable people to do their work
  • Rethink the system – Constantly challenge the merits and performance of systems including aspects pertaining to innovations, steps of change, disruption and improvement.

I’m grateful to Alastair Rylatt of Smarter Better Business for these tips from the following source: ‘Leadership – Cornerstone of Productivity’ by Tim Orton, Public Administration Today, Edition 33, January-March 2013, pages 35-37.

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