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Why the National Learning Institute?

November 27, 2008 Development Courses, Programs & Processes, Q&A No Comments

Why choose the National Learning Institute?

The National Learning Institute was specifically formed to help organisations develop the full potential that lies within their people resources.  Since 1995 we have assisted organisations such as 3M, Volvo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Maytag, Zaxbys Restaurants, Department of Public Works and Services, and others to design learning processes that help their people perform to their highest level.

We have a philosophy of working in partnership with organisations to complete projects.  So, each project is unique – there definitely is no “one size fits all” in our projects. 

See our testimonials from clients, participants and colleagues to get a real flavour of both what we can provide and how we go about it.

What’s different about the National Learning Institute?

We believe (and our clients confirm) that we go the “extra mile” when working on a project. 

Normally when we are first contacted by a potential client, it’s because they have a perceived training need.  As we talk and work with the client in the preliminary stages, we sometimes find that the perceived training need is not necessarily solved by training – in these cases we will help the client (at no cost to them) to clearly define and enunciate, their exact needs.  We may even assist them to find and select an appropriate consultancy that has the specific expertise the solution to their need requires.

If the client need is indeed training, we will jointly develop a project brief and agree contractual requirements.  However, as our clients will tell you, in 99.99% of cases, we provide far more services than are called for in the contract.  Our aim is to leave the client far better off than when we arrived.

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