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Job Interview Success: Be Your Own Coach by Jenny Rogers

August 20, 2012 Book Reviews, Career No Comments
job interview success
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There’s a plethora of books on interviewing and being interviewed for jobs. In “Job Interview Success: Your complete guide to practical interview skills”, author Jenny Rogers has hit the high spots. This book stands out from the rest.

Rogers takes the prospective job applicant through the entire process from “Do you really want the job?” to “After the interview” and “Starting the new job”. The book does what it says on the jacket “Be your own coach”. Rogers’ experience as a coach in this field comes through on every page – it’s practical, down-to-earth advice that should work for anyone who is about to jump onto the pre-employment treadmill.

Chapter one provides a number of self-analysis tools to help you discover your motivation for the intended job. Anyone who carries out these exercises, will I’m sure, not only find out whether they actually do want the job, but in the process find out a lot about themselves. The remainder of the book, although not filled with such analytical tools, poses many questions for the candidate that will help them through all phases of the recruitment process. It also has many checklists, tips and personal examples that show how difficult situations/questions might best be handled.

As someone who has also been in the recruitment field, I was impressed with this book not only because it covered the obvious topics (such as dress code, handling nerves etc.) but because Rogers often puts a different spin on them (such as acting as a facilitator if you happen to be in a team assessment centre).

This is not only a “must read” for anyone about to apply for a new position (either within or external), but I’d strongly suggest it become a “must do”. Highly recommended.

Not available on Amazon.  Click here to see some of the authors other books.


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