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Leader Manager Profile™

November 22, 2008 Products, Resources No Comments

Improve managerial effectiveness with the Leader Manager Profile™

“Used exclusively by the Australian Graduate School of Management on their Executive Programs for Middle Managers”

The performance of one group, the management team – is particularly critical to the success of any organisation. To improve performance managers need to know:

  • What’s my current level of performance (as seen by others)?
  • What do I need to keep doing?
  • What (if anything) do I need to change?
  • How do I ensure consistency of performance over time?

The Leader Manager Profile™ is a 360° feedback profile that has been developed with organisations over a 10 year period to provide an effective benchmarking and development tool for managerial development.

Product Summary . . .

A comprehensive online 360° feedback profile plus development plan covering the key managerial effectiveness areas:

Leading Self and Others

  • Displays organisational loyalty
  • Displays personal credibility
  • Sets team direction
  • Empowers others
  • Drives change

Leading by Building Relationships

  • Develops personal and professional credibility
  • Manages upwards
  • Builds team credibility
  • Builds credibility within own team

Leading by Communicating with Impact

  • Displays a positive communication style
  • Presents effectively to groups

Managing Others Effectively

  • Helps others to set a clear direction for their work
  • Monitors performance
  • Maintains team direction
  • Develops a positive team climate
  • Maintains team morale
  • Builds team commitment

Motivating Others

  • Encourages people to take responsibility
  • Provides interesting work for people
  • Delegates effectively to assist in team member’s own development
  • Builds a trusting relationship with team members
  • Provides effective feedback

Operating – Managing Self Effectively

  • Sets a positive example for others
  • Makes sound judgments
  • Sets priorities appropriately
  • Manages time effectively
  • Displays a workable mix between managing and doing


The Leader Manager Profile™ . . .

  • Shows how the manager’s perception of his/her behaviour compares with others
  • Shows the view of significant rater groups such as his/her manager, peers and team members on 50 managerial behaviours
  • Gives each rater’s opinion as to whether the manager should display more, less or the same behaviour in the future
  • Provides comments by raters on all five effectiveness areas

Special features of the Leader Manager Profile™ . . .

  • Online completion of questionnaire
  • Profiles available online or hard copy
  • Full set of client marketing materials
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Client briefing and debriefing plans
  • Questions can be changed / added
  • Can be customised and branded to suit the organisation

Benefits for the client . . .

  • Very easy to modify to match their competencies, capabilities and/or PMS, so that it fits with their “culture”
  • Has tremendous “face validity” with participants and so is easily and well accepted

“People crave feedback” – You can see a sample profile here, or take the Leader Manager profile yourself.

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