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Leadership Benchmark™

November 22, 2008 Products, Resources No Comments

Are leaders different from ordinary managers?  Find out through the Leadership Benchmark™

Who will people follow?

Leaders exhibit marked differences in individual traits, habits, competencies, styles, values and skills. Yet leaders have one thing in common, they achieve results and create conditions that encourage others to follow.

Most assessment tools in the area of leadership development, concern themselves with contributions that leaders make – their inputs. The Leadership Benchmarkä is a 360° feedback profile that is unique because of its focus on the gains that leaders achieve – their outputs. Because of this approach, current and future leaders can make a realistic judgment about the impact their leadership has on the organisation and on others in the organisation.

Product Summary

The Leadership Benchmark™ is an online 360° feedback profile that provides the leader with specific feedback on how well he or she is creating leadership conditions within the team, group or entire organisation. It answers how well does this person foster:

  • A shared understanding of the environment?
  • A shared vision of where we are going?
  • A shared set of organisational values?
  • A shared feeling of power?

The Leadership Benchmark™ profile . . .

  • Shows how the leader’s perception of his/her leadership endeavours compares with how others see them
  • Shows the view of significant rater groups such as his/her manager, peers and team members in creating the four leadership conditions
  • Gives each rater’s opinion as to whether the leader should focus more on, less on or the same on each of the four leadership conditions in the future
  • Provides comments by raters on all four leadership areas

The Leadership Benchmark™

Environmental Understanding

Helps people throughout the organization gain a shared understanding of their environment – global, regional, industry, external and internal.


Helps people gain a real sense of power – a “we can do this” approach and attitude.


Direction and Vision

Provides the momentum for the development of a shared understanding of the direction and vision for the organization.

Values and Sense of Team

Helps people gain an understanding of their shared values to develop a real sense of “team”.

Special features of the Leadership Benchmark™ . . .

  • Online completion of questionnaire
  • Profiles available online or hard copy
  • Full set of client marketing materials
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Client briefing and debriefing plans
  • Can be customised and branded

Benefit for the client . . .

  • The focus on “outputs” enables consistent individual, group and organisation leadership strategies to be developed and implemented that are in line with the corporate plan

See a sample Leadership Benchmark Profile by clicking here

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