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Making Change Happen . Implementing Business Change

August 24, 2012 Book Reviews, Managing Change No Comments
Making Change
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Jane Northcote is a management consultant who sets out to describe how to make change happen, or as she puts it “accelerate action”. This is unlike any other book I have read on change. For starters it is not based on any “model” of change. Nor does it include any management speak. Additionally, much of the book focuses not on planning and getting ready for the change, but getting into action, i.e. Making Change Happen.

For these reasons, if not for any others, it would have to be one of the best books I have read on change. However, it also has a nice style and flow. Nortcote’s writing style is personal and easy to follow with plenty of practical examples. The book is also full of visual cues and reminders that will instantly appeal to the more visual reader.

In terms of the content, the “how to” of change, I was impressed with the simplicity, yet insightfulness of Northcote’s suggestions. For example when announcing a forthcoming change to a group, she suggests, “Ask people what they heard you say. Ask people what they think you are trying to achieve. Ask people what they think they are being asked to do differently. Ask them if they will do anything differently”.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone in business who has to make change happen, in fact anyone who has an interest in leading change.

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