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Managing on a day to day basis for continuity of performance

November 22, 2008 Resources, Tips No Comments

What are the “must do” things that every new manager needs to know?

In the day-to-day role of managing, the new manager needs to:


  • Communicate (have at least a brief conversation with each of your people once a day and consider weekly team meetings)
  • Keep up to date with organisational and work aspects that may affect the team – ensure you keep your people informed of these – this will help build trust and mitigate the effects of the grapevine
  • Ensure harmony within the group or team is maintained – deal with any conflict immediately
  • Be clear, decisive and consistent with your decisions – if you can’t make a decision or need to change one, tell your people why
  • Address poor performance issues immediately and take appropriate steps to resolve them
  • Above all, make sure you praise your people regularly for the good work they are doing


Tips for maintaining the continuity of your’s and the team’s performance

  • Seek feedback on the effectiveness of your team meetings (regularly use the Team Process Evaluation Form - contact us for a copy).
  • Ensure a regular item on your team meeting agenda is “What’s happening in the world outside of this team?”.
  • Address any sign of conflict between team members as and when this arises rather than waiting for it to “clear up by itself” – it won’t!
  • When you make a key decision that affects the team (after careful consideration and discussion), stick with it unless there is a compelling and fact-based reason for change.  If you need to change your decision, make sure you tell your team why.
  • When a person is not performing, hold an immediate discussion with him/her to find out why.
  • Thank the team for the good work they are doing.  Make sure you are specific and describe exactly their work you are praising.

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