The National Learning Institute

Meryl David

The National Learning Institute January 13, 2014

Meryl David  BA (Hons), ABC, AIMM, GAICDD

As ways to communicate continue to multiply at dizzying speed, someone has to keep focus on communication with purpose and the proper purpose of communication. This is what has driven Meryl throughout her career as a strategic communication specialist and consultant in private enterprise and the public sector in several countries and in many different areas of communication.  Fifteen years of active service as a volunteer at both local and international levels primarily for IABC (International Association of Business Communicators), have garnered for her the IABC Chairman’s Award in 2009 as well as a deep understanding of what drives discretionary effort in organisations.

Her 35 years of broad experience equip her well to:

  • coach managers in communication and
  • facilitate
    • communication planning
    • the development of fitting communication solutions and
    • story telling with a purpose.

Writing and editing continue to be activities she loves and engages in for personal pleasure.

“What motivates me most now is to see others do a great job in communication and if I can help bring out the best of their communication abilities in the people I work with, my long years of delivering communication solutions for organisations have been well worth it”.