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Rapid Teamwork

June 19, 2016 Book Reviews, Leadership No Comments
Rapid Teamwork
Rapid Teamwork

Rapid Teamwork

This is a GREAT book on teamwork and leadership.  In fact as a reviewer of over 100 books on this topic, this is one of the best I’ve read in a long time.

Author Sean Glaze has written a novella based around a medium sized furniture firm whose directors undertake a team-building rafting experience.  I’m normally in two minds about novellas as they can be really good or very ordinary.  This one is really good – it is well written, the story captivating and the 5 essential messages well woven into the narrative.

Glaze clearly understands the difference between management and leadership, and groups and teams, something many authors struggle with.  He also has a really good handle on process management within groups and teams and how to ask the “right questions” and design activities that bring participants to their own realisation about what needs to change if they are to be successful.

In terms of team development, as Glaze comments, “It’s the soft stuff that is really the hard stuff”, with quotes to illustrate such as “Positions can be assigned, but leadership is always earned”, “Leadership and relationships occur one conversation at a time”, and “Most conversations (unfortunately) are about authority instead of awareness” (brackets are mine).

I appreciate that my copy is a review-copy, so the small typos/spell-check/sentence construction (such as “complaint” instead of “compliant”) may have been fixed in the final edit as it would be a shame to detract from such great work.

I’ll leave it to you to purchase a copy to find out the 5 steps behind Glaze’s acronym for team-building – G.R.E.A.T. – it will be well worth your investment.

Bob Selden, author of “What To Do When You Become The Boss” and “Don’t: How using the right words will change your life”.

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