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Bob Selden

Bob Selden

December 30, 2009 No Comments


Bob Selden – Managing Director, The National Learning Institute

The National Learning Institute prides itself on recommending the best people in their particular field of management and leadership development.

On this page, Bob Selden has listed a number of colleagues whom he personally recommends.

Bob Selden has worked with all of these people on various projects and would be happy to supply a personal recommendation.

For more on Bob Selden’s own profile, click here or on the link below.

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Philip Pryor

September 24, 2009 1 Comment


Philip Pryor – Morphthink Pty Ltd

Specialising in . . .

  • resolving difficult internal and external negotiations
  • senior executive coaching
  • leadership and management development

Philip Pryor is a very creative training facilitator and coach.  As Principal of Morphthink Pty Ltd, Philip Pryor works with executives designing and implementing real-time change initiatives and strategies that provide practical outcomes, usually with extremely high ROI.

Over recent years, Philip has undertaken extensive work with family businesses in Australia and is a preferred facilitator with Family Business Australia.

Read more about Philip Pryor’s skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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Johanne Spjut

September 4, 2009 No Comments

j spjut

Johanne Spjut – Founder and MD Gavlac AB

Specialising in . . .

  • Leadership development & executive coaching
  • Developing intercultural competence
  • Multi-cultural team leadership & coaching
  • Expatriate coaching

Johanne Spjut originally comes from Brussels, Belgium, and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Johanne is the founder and managing director of Gavlac AB, a globally networked organization offering highly personalized services in leadership development and in executive coaching.

Read more about Johanne Spjut’s skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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Vardagens Dramatik AB

December 30, 2008 No Comments


Catharina Nasenius – Founder & Company Director, Vardagens Dramatik AB

Specialising in…

  • Custom-made seminars
  • Managerial leadership
  • Individual leadership
  • Gender equality
  • Creating the dream team
  • Human diversity
  • Organisational changes
  • Implementing company values – walking the talk

Vardagens Dramatik is a consulting team that uses interactive theatre as an instrument for activating change. The company’s unique method stimulates emotional involvement and demands active participation. This allows each participant to have the actual experience of change, rather than just learning about it on an intellectual level.

Read more about Vardagens Dramatik’s expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say .

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November 24, 2008 No Comments


Stucki Leadership-Teambuilding AG

Leadership is not teachable but learnable
Stucki has been conducting leadership and team-building seminars since 1984. Before that, founder Robert Stucki, an engineer by training, headed specialist teams as a corporate executive. A mountain guide in his spare time, he also had the chance to lead crack teams under extreme conditions. In doing so, he observed striking differences in team dynamics in terms of full use of potential, enthusiasm for the task at hand, and mutual acceptance and support of another.
These observations coupled with his awareness of the crucial importance of social competence for executives led him to develop leadership seminars that both demand and encourage an equal use of muscle, heart, and mind.

Read more about Stucki’s expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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Rodney Gray

November 24, 2008 No Comments

rodney gray

Rodney Gray – Employee Communications & Surveys Pty Ltd

Specialising in . . .

  • Employee communication audits and research
  • Employee communication systems and strategies
  • Employee communication training workshops, talks
  • Employee surveys: opinion, climate, culture, values
  • Qualitative organisational diagnosis, focus groups
  • Internal service quality assessment, diagnosis

Rodney Gray is principal consultant and managing director of Employee Communication & Surveys Pty Ltd, a “boutique” consultancy specialising in employee communication audits and research; internal communication processes, systems and strategies; and workshops for internal communication specialists.

Read more about Rodney Gray’s skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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Andrew O’Keeffe

March 24, 2008 No Comments


Andrew O’Keeffe – Hardwired Humans

Specialising in . . .

  • leadership development and coaching
  • developing future leaders
  • implementing change
  • developing client consulting skills
  • enhancing the skills of the HR team

Hardwired Humans, specialises in designing people strategies aligned to human instincts.

Read more about Andrew O’Keeffe and his skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden and others have to say . . .

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Douglas G. Long

February 16, 2008 No Comments

doug long

Douglas G. Long (PhD Organisational Psychology)

As a consultant and mentor, Doug Long helps individuals and organisations grow and develop . . .

Specialising in:

  • Helping people become more effective leaders through shifting their brain’s locus of control
  • Helping organisations grow and develop in an ethical and socially responsible manner

Over the past 30 years Doug Long has been consulting on leadership and change issues to organisations in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Major work in this time includes:

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Paul Vanderbroeck

January 24, 2008 No Comments

paul vanderbroek

Paul Vanderbroeck – PVDB Consulting

Specialising in . . .

  • intercultural integration
  • making female executives successful
  • high performance
  • career transformation
  • change

Paul Vanderbroeck is a specialist leadership coach for individual executives and management teams. He has a particular interest in how leaders and organisations interact most effectively, so that leaders get the results they want. He specialises in Intercultural Integration, making Female Executives successful, High Performance, Career Transformation, and Change.

Read more about Paul Vanderbroeck’s skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden and others have to say . . .

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David Bain

December 17, 2007 No Comments


David Bain – Purple Internet Marketing

David Bain specialises in…

  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Internet marketing consultancy
  • Internet marketing services

David Bain is an internet marketing strategist for marketing managers in a corporate environment as well as for entrepreneurial small business owners. David Bain has devised a training program called the “26-Week Internet Marketing Plan” and written a free-to-download eBook called the “13 Pillars of Internet Marketing“.

Read more about David Bain’s skills and expertise, and hear what Bob Selden has to say . . .

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