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Recommendations for The National Learning Institute

Leadership Development Process

“Feedback on the 3M management/leadership processes designed and delivered by the National Learning Institute was fantastic. Participants felt they received enormous value from the 360 degree assessments and the action learning projects which were a key component of the learning process.

Bob Selden is a highly experienced facilitator and coach who brings a very practical, down to earth approach to his work. I would recommend his programs and services highly”
Corporate HRD/HR, 3M Australia

Customer Service Program

Letter from the CEO to participants following the introduction of our Customer Care Program in a Truck Mfg. Division
“Subject: Customer Care—it works!
Last Friday I was delighted to receive an unsolicited call from one of our clients, John P. singing the praises of one of our colleagues.
John commented that he had just finished with a call from Greg S who had just extolled the virtues of the fantastic customer service and professionalism that our colleague Jason L had demonstrated in the delivery process of the new XX vehicles. Greg went on to say that the actions of people like Jason differentiated the service from ordinary performance to that of a WOW factor.”
Tom C, CEO, a Swedish Truck Company

Management Development

Letter from a participant
“I find myself continually thinking over and over about the profoundly positive experience of the Program, the issues raised and our team dynamics which were continually challenged and strengthened.
Without doubt, the program has been the most intense, stimulating and enjoyable learning opportunity that I have experienced.”
John V.
Senior Manager, a Government Department

Personal recommendations for Bob Selden

From clients . . .

“Bob is without a doubt one of the most able and insightful thinkers in the world of business today. I thoroughly recommend him for his practical and results driven approach.”
Alan Pigott, General Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art

“I have been associated with Bob Selden for over 20 years and rate him highly as an astute business consultant and a forward thinking leader in the field of adult learning.
We both served on the executive of the Australian Human Resources Institute for several years and Bob followed me in as NSW State President. During that period, Bob significantly influenced the future directions of the Institute as it transformed itself into a learning organisation.
I have also been closely associated with Bob in his leadership role with The National Learning Institute. Apart from being an innovative, seasoned and highly capable adult learning practitioner, he continues to impress me with his extensive knowledge of corporate behaviour, coupled with his practical approach to planning and implementing organisational change management initiatives.”
Edd Chadbourne, CEO, Raine & Horne International (Real Estate)

“Working with Bob is hassle-free. He knows exactly what he is doing and he guides the client through to the easiest and best-value solution possible……… and he’s a nice guy!”
David Millar, CEO, Future-Perfect

From participants . . .

“I found Bob a very practical, warm and sympathetic coach. He was very flexible in moving between theory and experience, in allowing a group to find its own way of working and giving time to individuals to express themselves and work through their particular needs. The work I did with Bob really helped set the direction for the next stage of my career.”
Jean Delaney, Ireland

“I had the pleasure of Bob’s expertise as a coach at IMD’s program Mobilizing People. Bob helped me through his coaching in defining what I could work with. He also gave me some great techniques to use after IMD. Bob is very helpful and you really feel that he is there for you.”
Jack Skov, Denmark

“Bob acted as coach to me and 5 teammates in the IMD Programme “Mobilizing People”. He proved a very effective and talented coach to all of us, showing lots of good qualities and a large experience in the field. I keep in contact with Bob to this date, 2 years after my studies at IMD.”
Luciano Almeida de Jesus, The Netherlands

“Bob provided me with various practical tools during the course at IMD. He was proactive and anticipated our team needs which led us to achieve our goals. I can see in Bob the balance between the managerial and the analytical passions. In summary he was an outstanding coach for me.”
Marwan Alsawaleh, The UAE