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The Negotiating Advantage™

November 22, 2008 Products, Resources No Comments

How can you get the best deal for you and your clients?

Often people ask: How can we get a better deal here? Too often, negotiation is considered to be a formal process carried out behind closed doors by high powered executives, politicians or world leaders. But negotiation occurs in every business, every day – and usually by every member of staff.

When the everyday situations that the organisation faces aren’t recognized as negotiations, chances are, the people involved will go into them unprepared. The result will be a less than successful outcome.

Negotiating advantage

A three tiered model for negotiating success!

The Negotiating Advantage™ is a blended learning program based on a communication model which includes:

  • Three Information Gathering Skills:
    Questioning, Listening and Disclosing
  • Three Information Presenting Skills:
    Stating Needs, Persuading and Bargaining
  • Two Negotiating Strategies:
    Content Management and Process Management

The blended learning process…


The Negotiating Advantage™ includes

  • a 360° feedback profile covering both negotiating skills and knowledge
  • 5 online training modules with workplace assignments
  • Feedback and collaboration with a workplace “learning partner”
  • Continuous self assessment
  • 1 day face-to-face simulation of organizational specific negotiating cases

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